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-- Church in Ottensen (according to F.Barthel)

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Peter Schenk, "Church in Ottensen (according to F.Barthel)" , engraving on copper, 20x14,5 cm, private collection

Engraving in very good condition, on a bigger card of paper sized 23,7x18,2 cm, framed, in passé-partout. Signed on he right bottom "Schenk sc.", on the left bottom "F.Barthel del.". Under the view - a inscription "Der Kirchof in Ottensen – Klopstocks Grabmal".

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-- price: 95 euro

This artwork is being offered for sale by its current owner through the agent of malarze.com.
Its authenticity and history was certified and checked.
If you'd like to buy or recieve further information about any of offered objects please contact artforsale@malarze.com.

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